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U.K. Government creating Brave New World


Keeping the deltas and epsilons down

The UK government is, apparently, creating a society in which parts of the population are brought up regularly taking behaviour-modifying drugs. They are doing this by implementing so-called “health reforms” – cutting health funding to local councils, which has the knock-on effect that drugs are prescribed to young children, presumably especially in lower and lower middle class areas where both parents are likely to have to work, and to be unable to afford childcare.

Kendall said prescriptions could continue to rise due to impending health cuts. “It’s a false economy … all the evidence says that parent training courses combined with partnership working with schools is what works, but these programmes are being cut by local councils.”

Medical experts in the West Midlands say over-prescription continues to be a problem. “This whole area needs public scrutiny – there has to be some kind of review,” said the educational psychologist who oversaw the cases but did not want to be named. “Handing out strong psychotropic drugs to children should be a last resort, but they’re being handed out like sweets.”

This is a country that could afford to pay a bank rescue package totalling some £500 billion in 2008. That’s a bailout for the financial sector, a part of society that produces nothing whatsoever, and only exists in order to make people who are already obscenely rich even more so, at the expense of the people who actually do some useful work. Like health care workers and parents — apparently as far as our fat-cat rulers are concerned they can go hang in the wonderful Brave New World under the Dictatorship of Capital.

They're watching your every move


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