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And I think to myself…


Ah, nothing like a leaf through the pages of “Scientific American” to restore my faith in the intelligence of the human race. At least some people aren’t in denial about the dangers to the planet, engaged in blowing one another up, acting out power fantasies, selling their souls for baubles, or otherwise displaying the childish side of humanity. Reading about how an amateur space explorer can put a satellite in orbit for less than $10,000, how the oceans could still feed the world, how far we’ve come in understanding our genetic code in the decade since it was first sequenced, how paralysed people will be able to control machines with their minds (and a bit further down the track, may be cured), how we now know which parts of our brains light up when we fall in love, and why beer batter makes better fish and chips…

…maybe the human race will make it through the next few decades after all.

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  1. llllllll permalink

    Control machines with your mind? I wonder where that technology will be used first? Is it just me or does the movie Firefox spring to mind?

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