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Unlatch the door and scratch holes in the night


Unlatch the door and scratch holes in the night.

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  1. David permalink

    ‘Now if you can just move all those naughty posts.’
    What exactly is so naughty about people making comments on the MRA?

    • Hi David

      I find it a little strange that you’re commenting about something that happened on a Doctor Who forum on my blog, but beggars can’t be choosers and I’m just grateful to get any comments! So, since you ask, the answer is that the posts in question were off topic, as “The Ginger Cat” reminded us. Since I was responsible for some of them (the ones that disagreed with the cultural construction of gender identity, as you may recall – odd the things that get discussed on a Who forum), I felt that I was within my rights to call my own posts naughty. This wasn’t intended to disparage anyone earlier in the thread, and in fact I hadn’t read far enough through the immensely long thread in question to discover how the discussion started. Indeed, it took me quite a while to find out what “MRA” means. But having now done so, I definitely think this subject is an interesting one that deserves its own thread, rather than being buried within a discussion about missing episodes of our favourite TV programme!

      In fact as a Mod myself I am now tempted to move them to a thread, or maybe a thesis, on gender identity and the blank slate theory of first wave feminism. Every Doctor Who site should have one.

      Best wishes,

  2. David permalink


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