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Shy and reserved, hates sport – and from New Zealand?

  1. Hi Liz, I don’t know if you still read comments here. Mondas PM system seems down or blocked for me. Feel free to email your message and I’ll respond.

  2. George permalink

    Hi Liz,

    I’ve just joined the Planet Mondas forum, not because I’m much of a Doctor Who fan, but to read a post you left which a Google search had brought up, and which I find extremely interesting!

    You wrote:

    “Some of the more extreme amongst us (such as myself) think that there IS only one mindstream, criss-crossing space and time eternally between every sentient being in the cosmos (the more extreme have suggested that this could happen from one moment to the next, but that seems like too much task-switching for the universe to bear).”

    As I say, I find this a very interesting idea, and my own thoughts have been tending in this direction. I was wondering, if this discussion interests you, would you mind expanding in greater depth on how you conceive of this? Also, I’d be interested to hear where you’ve come across this idea? You say you’re a Vajrayana Buddhist, but as far as I know, most schools of Buddhism hold to the idea that there’s a plurality of mindstreams?

    I read an interesting short story entitled ‘The Egg’, which deals with this idea in the following way: the Universe is an ‘egg’, which one soul or mindstream experiences in its entirety through successive reincarnations. But then, there’s also the idea someone has made into a funny version of a Batman cartoon, where someone says to him: “In my past life I was…” and he interrupts them with a slap, saying: “You live every life simultaneously! Time is an illusion!”

    Anyway, in case you care to discuss, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. (And please feel free to email me if you’d prefer).

    Best wishes,


    • Hi George,

      I’d be happy to discuss this on the PM forum if you like. Please feel free to reply to my original post, which will bring the discussion back up to the top of the list – which would be quite helpful, so I can locate it and remind myself of what the discussion was about. In the meantime I will try to collect my thoughts on this a bit more (it’s getting quite late here in New Zealand so I will probably need to sleep on this before I reply).

      Best wishes,

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